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I am passionate about developing, launching, and learning about products that delight end-users and lead to revenue growth. Through this platform, I hope to share my experience, learnings, and thoughts with those interested in product management and development. I’ve been lucky to work with talented individuals on a variety of products ranging from solar-powered light gadgets, to a social media for international college students, an investor chatbot, and investment research platforms.

In addition to my work, I make an effort to stay up-to-date in my field by attending conferences and talks, actively seeking and reading the latest books and research, and taking courses, workshops and seminars. This site will allow me to track my progress as a product manager and share my thoughts on the following topics:

  1. Products that are doing it right and what makes them a delight to the end-users.

  2. Products with areas of improvement and how they could be enhanced.

  3. Product best practices and "Dos & Don'ts" in product management.

  4. Reviews of product courses, books, conferences, and seminars.

  5. Effects of new technology and industry trends on the market.

Contact me to ask any questions using the contact page. Thank you!

The Wall of Ideas
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