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Case Studies Quickbits

While blog entries can be fun, they can also be pretty lengthy. This space will be left for quick and brief thoughts on product case studies and reviews that I've worked on or that captured my interest at one point or another.

Case Studies: Case Studies

The iPad Pencil (2nd generation)

  • Delighters

    • Magnetic wireless charging (this was a huge improvement from the 1st generation pen which I have seen many people accidentally break while charging it on their iPad port)

    • Adjustable sensitivity

    • Touch surface (double tapping)

  • Areas of Improvement

    • Lack of performance differentiators with 1st generation

    • No free tip replacement, unlike the 1st generation pencil

    • Price (especially with cheaper alternatives from Logitech)

    • The touch surface can be improved to include more motions (slide up/down, triple tap, tap with two fingers...)

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Case Studies: Case Studies

Facebook Marketplace

  • Delighters

    • Filtering options

    • Geopositioning (granted this is valid for all of Facebook and even most competitors)

    • The "Hide [listing] from Friends" feature

    • Targets a niche market need of a segment of Facebook/social media users

    • Listing status update directly from the Messenger app.

  • Areas of Improvement

    • Similar to Messenger, it might require an app of its own

    • Sending notifications to individuals regarding updating their listing status

    • Better seller fraud detection

    • App integration with other mobile payment apps (Venmo, Cash App, Paypal...)

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Case Studies: Case Studies
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